Our “savoir faire”

Lemaitre Demeestere has an ancestral “savoir faire” in the art of weaving. Since 1835, The company mastered linen weaving with splendor. This expertise combines tradition, modernity and passion. Our know-how goes back to a time when looms were working with machines vapors. We always knew how to get modernization and improve the quality of our fabrics. Today, there are few weavers knowing work as finely linens fibers. This noble and authentic material demand shaping and expertise of the highest quality. Flax weaving is a craft that can not be improvised, precision and rigor must be at the rendezvous.

It is over time we have developed many lines to bring you the widest choice possible. Our expertise is not limited to 100% linen fabric, we design collections with other fibers (wool, hemp, kapok …). As one of the oldest textile companies in France, we are a reference in the upholstery, all our collections perfectly match for a high-end design.


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